The Rennovation

Renovation started in April 2007

We moved all of our belongings into store so that work could begin on demolishing the inside of the old house, take out the staircase, remove the windows and roof ……….

A road was built across the field (at great cost) so that the crane and all the deliveries could be made more easily.

The Road!

As a picture speaks a thousand words here is our story in photographs

Roof RemovedRoof Removed

The Start of the Renovation



House with no roof but great views!House with no roof but great views!

New Floors go inNew Floors go in


New Window

New Window

Wooden Beams from Old Roof

All that old wood …. very valuable in these parts

Roof bream going up

The roof starts to go on


September 2007

Main Part of Room On

Progress ………………. slow but sure

Internal Beams for " Indoor Balcony" go in

Rooms taking shape

Entrance Hall (was the barn doors)

Boiler Room Taking Shape

Boiler Room with Water Tanks

The boiler room which is to control the underfloor heating and provide enough hot water simultaneously when all bathrooms in use

The Glass for the Panoramic Views

The Room with a View

From the inside ………… looking out – the dream view that this was designed for

Our Vision Taking Shape

Laying the balcony floor

The Kitchen begins - plasterboarders on site (at last)

The kitchen taking shape

The Dream Kitchen to be!

Cave Bedroom taking shape

From Cave to bedroom …..

Cave Bathroom

Cave Bedroom Taking Shape

Testing the bath for Top Floor Family Room

Testing the facilities

Top Floor Family Room taking Shape

Beautiful Roof Beams of Top Floor Bedroom

Original Old Beam from House reinstalled above balcony

Putting back the ancient beam with the date of the building inscribed on it

Lounge/Dining Room

October 2007

Excavation begins for Fosse Septique

The Most Expensive Fosse Septique ....

The most expensive Fosse Septique you can imagine ….

.Chimney Finished

Chimney Finished

November 2007

Underfloor Heating Pipes Go In

Underfloor Heating Pipes Go In

First Snow Arrives Getting There

First snow arrived …..Getting There

December 2008

Transformation nearly complete

eLooking Good

Transformation nearly complete …. but not quite

Our Winter Mountain Views Living our Dream

Main Works Completed

January 2008

Decoration completed and furniture delivered and installed.

Everything Ready for arrival of first guests ……………….

Bedroom 6 Bedroom 6 Bathroom Bedroom 6 View 2 Cave Bedroom & Bathroom Cave Bathroom

Cave Bedroom View 2

Dining Room


Entrance Hall Bedroom 4 Lounge

Lounge View 2 Dining Room View 2

Le Fin ~ The End …………… or is it

October 2008 – The Finishing Touches

The outside of the chalet was in need of the finishing touches of an expert in the ancient art of crepi

Here is the photo story of the final transformation


Before the Crepi Work Begins

Scaffold goes back up to commence work again

Scaffold goes back up to commence work againDoors and Windows are enhanced

Doors and Windows are enhanced

Stone Work is RevealedStone Work is Revealed

Stonework revealed at roadside elevation


The End

Slate Porch Roof is repaired

Slate Porch Roof – speciality of the area

 Truly Finished!

Truly Finished!

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